Rinjani Pottery imports, designs and sells beautiful Lombok pottery from the volcanic Lombok Island.

The island is dominated by Gunung Rinjani, a volcano from which our company derives its name.

We started the company in 2007 as Kartimarket, to bring some of the beautiful products we had seen on our travels around the world to a wider market. It was also important that we worked in an ethical manner with artisans to make sure they were getting fairly compensated for their hard work.

We believe in fair trade.

As a result, we import all of our products from the Lombok Pottery Centre, a fair trade organisation (World Fair Trade Organisation member) based in Lombok.

Lombok Pottery Centre works with local villagers to develop, market and export their work to such countries as the UK, Italy, United States and Australia.

In collaboration with with the potters, we select, modify and design products to meet the quality and aesthetic standards of the UK and European markets.

We then ship products from Indonesia to the UK, where we offer the potters' beautiful handmade products to customers here in the UK and abroad.

Chris @ Lombok Pottery Centre