The Lombok Pottery Centre is a fair trade organisation, based in Lombok Island, Indonesia, that co-ordinates the production and export of pottery, a local, traditional craft. It started as a joint Indonesian-New Zealand government project in 1988 to assist disadvantaged female potters. Village women have been making pottery in Lombok since the early part of the 16th century, passing their unique skills down from mother to daughter to the present day.

The Lombok Pottery Centre offers to manufacturers of ceramics a number of services that include: product development, promotion and marketing, social programs such as literacy and schooling and, finally, financial services, such as loans and an annual bonus. In addition, from the outset all women receive productive training that enables them to achieve the required ceramic quality standards.

Lombok Pottery Centre's products are produced in three villages: Banyumulek, Masbagik Timur and Penujak, where pottery making is their main source of income. Each village's pottery is marked by slightly different characteristics and designs.

Lombok Pottery Centre is a member of WFTO, the World Fair Trade Organization.

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