Rinjani Pottery is passionate about fair trade.

We have worked in developing countries with fair trade artisans and suppliers, and have seen the benefits to marginalised communities of fair trade first hand.

What is Fair Trade?

Fair trade is a set of standards and principles that helps markets work for disadvantaged producers.

Fair trade complements the current system of international trade by helping to sustain rural and urban communities by giving local artisans easier access to overseas markets and customers at prices that allow them to make a decent living.

How we source our products

Rinjani Pottery sources all of its products from World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) members.

Our main supplier, Lombok Pottery Centre, in Indonesia, is a WFTO member.

WFTO member organisations must fulfil certain criteria to join, including being able to demonstrate commitment to the Fair Trade Principles and Code of Practice, commitment to helping disadvantaged groups and have this as one of the core missions of their organisation, and sustainability - using sustainable practices in their production processes/supply chain.

For more information please see the WFTO website.

As such, we pay a fair price for the products we purchase. By fair price we mean a price that has been agreed through dialogue and participation in the regional or local context, that takes into consideration the local costs of production and living.

This price is higher than the local market price, and additionally reflects the higher quality we require of our products, and the corresponding extra effort required to make them.

We pay men and women equally.

Furthermore, when ordering we pay 50% of the total price as pre-payment, which enables artisans to purchase materials for production, with the balance payable upon completion - often around 8 weeks later.


The benefit for the final consumer - that is, our customers, is that they are able to purchase beautiful, handmade, authentic and unique products with the knowledge that the people behind these products are getting paid a fair price.

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