1. Lombok Pottery Centre

    The Lombok Pottery Centre is a fair trade organisation, based in Lombok Island, Indonesia, that co-ordinates the production and export of pottery, a local, traditional craft. It started as a joint Indonesian-New Zealand government project in 1988 to assist disadvantaged female potters. Village women have been making pottery in Lombok since the early part of the 16th century, passing their unique skills down from mother to daught

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  2. Lombok, Indonesia

    Lombok has always played second fiddle to Bali, its more famous neighbour. Sure, the Gili Islands just off Lombok’s north-west coast have been popular with surfers, divers and party-goers for a while now, but the main island has always been a bit off the beaten track for tourists.

    While there is an international airport on the island, there are few direct flights there from outside the region, so it’s a bit harder to get to. If you’ve got time, it always feels more rewarding taking th

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  3. The Pottery of Lombok

    Rinjani Pottery imports and sells pottery from Lombok.

    Lombok is a tropical island in Indonesia, dominated by the volcano Gunung Rinjani.

    Along with textiles, wood carving and basket making, pottery plays an important role in Lombok village life.

    These traditional crafts and skills produce the utensils, clothes and tools to fulfil everyday needs.

    Pottery serves a practical use and is used for everyday cooking,

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  4. Rinjani Pottery

    Rinjani Pottery imports, designs and sells beautiful Lombok pottery from the volcanic Lombok Island.

    The island is dominated by Gunung Rinjani, a volcano from which our company derives its name.

    We started the company in 2007 as Kartimarket, to bring some of the beautiful products we had seen on our travels around the world to a wider

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  5. Fair Trade

    Rinjani Pottery is passionate about fair trade.

    We have worked in developing countries with fair trade artisans and suppliers, and have seen the benefits to marginalised communities of fair trade first hand.

    What is Fair Trade?

    Fair trade is a set of standards and principles that helps markets work for disadvantaged producers.

    Fair trade complements the current system of international trade by helping to sustain rural and urban commun

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  6. Lombok Pottery Centre Visit

    Chris and I got back a few days ago from our visit to Lombok Pottery Centre (LPC) in beautiful Lombok island, Indonesia.

    We had a really productive and interesting trip over three days preparing our next shipment which is currently in production and scheduled for delivery in early 2013.

    Meeting the Potters

    This visit we were able to meet potters in all three of the LPC villages: Masbagik, Penujak and Banyumulek.

    It was great to see the potters making the new

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