Shallow Dish with Handles, Set Of Two

They are also heat and flame-proof and can also be used in the oven for roasting or on the hob for sautéing. The dishes have a flat bottom and can be used for serving a variety of small dishes such as tapas, cold meats, snacks. It can also be used as an olive oil dish. Black is an excellent colour as it goes with most home decors and table sets. These dishes are made in Lombok, Indonesia by potters working with fair trade co-operative, Lombok Pottery Centre. Adapted from a traditional design by Kartimarket.
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Lombok Pottery products are hand-formed from red earthenware clay. They are burnished with a hard object to smoothen and polish. Following the firing process the pottery is skilfully pulled out while still hot using iron tongs and covered in rice bran; the reaction with the oxides carbonises the clay body, creating the black finish.

As they are hand-formed and coloured no two items are the same and variations in the size, colour and finish may occur. The natural oils from the rice bran or small patches of natural earthenware brown may show through - this often adds to the attractiveness of the product.

Oven, microwave and hob (gas and electric) safe.

If used in the oven for roasting or on the stove for sautéing the dishes will need to be seasoned. It's a simple process and detailed instructions are included.

Kartimarket has had a long term partnership with the Lombok Pottery Centre for a number of years and we visit them to hand-pick products and collaborate to design & develop new ones. The products are imported directly to the UK.

More Information
Dimensions H3 x Dia13cm (W19cm including handles)
Colour No
Material Earthenware Clay
Country Indonesia
Care instructions Clean with a non-abrasive cloth or sponge in warm, soapy water. Dishwasher safe.
Good to know Lombok Pottery complies with the Ceramic Articles in Contact with Food (England) Regulations 2006 (EC Directives 84/500 & 2005/31EC).